The Kaohsiung Strategies are a roadmap for city leaders to shape the future of urban transport


Livable. Shared. Intelligent: A platform for ecomobile change

With these key concepts at its core, the EcoMobility World Congress 2017 fostered a positive and engaged energy, encouraging frank debate and discussion, and above all, […]

A new frontier: Bringing ecologistics to cities

A growing number cities around the world are integrating ecologistics – or smart freight – into their sustainable urban transport strategies. The movement of goods through […]

Kaohsiung set to continue leadership role in the EcoMobility Alliance

At the EcoMobility World Congress 2017, Kaohsiung, as host city, and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability announced that Kaohsiung will continue to chair the EcoMobility […]

Zero emissions, shared and automated: Shaping the future of urban mobility

Climate change is happening, and global greenhouse emissions are not slowing down quickly enough to curb it. As the world takes aim to prevent this impending […]

How public-private sector collaboration can build ecomobile cities

Cities around the world are engaging with the private sector to devise solutions to their urban transportation challenges. This collaboration is important. Transport entrepreneurs often have […]

How mayors and city leaders define livability

During the EcoMobility World Festival Mayor’s Panel, leaders from four local governments came together to discuss how they are using sustainable urban mobility as a centerpiece […]

The power of language to change minds and behavior

One of the main obstacles to implementing ecomobility is the required cultural and behavioral changes. Time and again, cities face this challenge as they strive to […]

Mayors experience the EcoMobility World Festival through the Mayors’ Ride

The EcoMobility World Congress 2017 Mayors’ Ride was a parade of local leaders from around the world demonstrating their commitment to ecomobility. A group of over […]

Redefining urban transport: Making the case for active mobility

A transport culture dominated by fossil fuel-powered single driver cars poses significant challenges in the urban environment, including air pollution, traffic congestion and high injury and […]

Three ways to overcome the finance hurdle

Many cities have the interest and aim to implement sustainable mobility projects, but how these projects will be financed is a critical question. The cost of […]

How to globalize ecomobility

The concept of ecomobility, a term used to describe travel through integrated, socially inclusive and environmentally friendly means was in focus today at the opening of […]

The EcoMobility World Festival kicks off in Kaohsiung

The official opening of the Ecomobility World Festival 2017 took place on Sunday 1 October in Kaohsiung, kicking off a month long celebration of EcoMobility. The […]

We Drive Solar: new energy and new mobility come together in the city


Case study: Vientiane Sustainable Urban Transport Project


How Kaohsiung is helping local residents embrace a new transportation culture


Mindware over hardware and software


Time for a Paradigm Shift Towards Health and Well-being


City of Kaohsiung – a test-bed for autonomous vehicles


Transforming Kaohsiung through mobility: a sustainable vision for the city


Mobility-as-a-Service: An Embodiment of Shared, Livable, and Intelligent


2017 EcoMobility Festival series: iCity, iCare Forum


Test-ride new autonomous bus in Kaohsiung this October 2017


Why transport is core to making cities livable


Creating a livable environment at the Hamasen neighbourhood


EcoMobility represented at the Intergovernmental 10th Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum in Asia, Lao PDR


Invitation Letter from Chen Chu, the Mayor Of Kaohsiung


Test-ride new electric vehicles at Kaohsiung


Showcasing the Group Rapid Transit (GRT) System in the third World EcoMobility Festival 2017 in Kaohsiung


Successful Experience of EcoMobility in Suwon, Rep. of Korea


EcoMobility Forum 2016 in Kaohsiung

The EcoMobility Forum 2016 was a stakeholder meeting to prepare for the EcoMobility World Festival 2017. During the Forum, the relevance of EcoMobility for Kaohsiung was detailed and experiences from the previous EcoMobility World Fesitval in Suwon where related. Participants had a chance to learn from the experiences of Copenhagen and Sydney as their city representatives related a path towards a more ecomobile urban mobility even in highly car oriented cities. The importance of involving all stakeholders was shown and a call for everyone to be part and organizer of the Festival in 2017 was expressed.

Shared mobility App regulations

Applications are constantly being developed to provide an easy to use allocation of spared transport in cities. In order to provide regulatory frameworks which ensures the success of their integration into the existing transport systems, the International Transport Forum (ITF) has recently published a report named the App-Based Ride and Taxi Services: Principles for Regulation.

Hamasen, the EcoMobility World Festival district

Hamaxing or also known as Hamasen will be the host neighborhood of the third EcoMobility World Festival next October 2017. The city is preparing in advance to accommodate this exciting event that will close the neighborhood to private cars and accommodate more environmentally but also people friendly ways of moving around the city.

Save the date!

Save the date! October 2017 will be the next EcoMobility World Festival in Kaohsiung. The city of Kaohsiung and ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability cordially invite […]

International Transport Experts visit Kaohsiung

A two day workshop was held in Kaohsiung City in March to provide suggestions for the “EcoMobility World Festival 2017” to be hosted in Kaohsiung City […]

Kaohsiung is the new EcoMobility Alliance chair for 2016 – 2017

The EcoMobility Alliance is planned for a span of 6 years with 3 phases of 2 years each. The EcoMobility Alliance is currently composed of 18 […]

Kaohsiung to Host EcoMobility World Festival 2017

City will also take over as Chair of EcoMobility Alliance 2016-2017 As the EcoMobility World Festival 2015 continues in Johannesburg, South Africa, the host of the […]