How to globalize ecomobility

The concept of ecomobility, a term used to describe travel through integrated, socially inclusive and environmentally friendly means was in focus today at the opening of the EcoMobility World Congress 2017 in Kaohsiung.

Over 50 city representatives attended the Congress opening, alongside technical experts, business leaders and representatives from research institutions and international organizations. By bringing together these key figures from around the globe, the Congress is a key platform for city-to-city exchange and substantive collaboration.

Nearly 700 participants mingled at the start of the Congress, including a delegation in full traditional dress from Suwon, South Korea, host of the 2013 EcoMobility World Festival, and representatives from Tshwane, South Africa who are developing a new ecomobile transport plan for the city.  

Participants came ready for a real learning experience in Kaohsiung. Chow Kon Yeow, the State Executive Councilor for Traffic Management and Flood Mitigation in Penang, Malaysia said it clearly: “I am not here to share any success story. I am here on a learning mission and to share some of the challenges we face as a regional government.”

The Congress marks the beginning of the EcoMobility World Festival 2017, which will run through the month of October. The Festival is a bold experiment, through which the City of Kaohsiung is showing its commitment to transforming the local transportation culture. By bringing together such a diverse group of local leaders and stakeholders, the Congress has the potential to spread ecomobile solutions to communities the world over.

In her opening remarks, Mayor Chen Chu of Kaohsiung made it clear that everyone in the room was united by the shared values reflected in the three Congress themes: livable, shared and intelligent. Participants are all striving for better cities and more sustainable transport systems that improve quality of life and quality of air and build an overall more inhabitable urban environment.

The EcoMobility World Congress is a place for leaders and stakeholders to come together, share tools and approaches, and bring ideas and solutions back to their cities and communities. By working together, leaders and residents around the world are moving towards ecomobility.