Kaohsiung is the new EcoMobility Alliance chair for 2016 – 2017

The EcoMobility Alliance is planned for a span of 6 years with 3 phases of 2 years each. The EcoMobility Alliance is currently composed of 18 Alliance Cities and is serviced by the Secretariat along with various Alliance Partners. On a rotating basis, one of the Alliance cities acts as the Alliance Chair and hosts the Chair Office, an important role for representation and coordination purposes.

Alliance Cities form the core of the network, while the Secretariat has relevant planning and executing roles, some of which are shared with the Chair. Partners are businesses, transport experts, international agencies, and non-city organizations that will provide the cities with their knowledge and experience. The following sections detail each of the referred structures.

It has been 4 years since the inception of the Alliance, which has grown leaps and bounds. As of January 2016, the EcoMobility Alliance works with 19 cities across the globe and with over 30 partners and partnering organizations to support, promote and replicate EcoMobility. Immense support was received from all the partners and the Alliance cities have implemented projects that were an inspiration to many cities around the world.

Starting 2016, we are proud to announce that the City of Kaohsiung, an Alliance founding member, shall take the chair for the period of 2016 -2017. We are very confident that Kaohsiung shall again have a strong and visionary leadership for the Alliance. The Alliance is Chaired by Ms Chen Chu, Mayor of Kaohsiung

The Chair maintains a Chair Office with the following roles:

  • Representing the Alliance at international events (in coordination with the Secretariat);
  • Continuously inspiring and motivating both Alliance Cities and Partners;
  • Devising with the Secretariat the proposed Joint Program of Activities;
  • Contributing to the coordination and implementation of the Peer-to-Peer Exchanges;
  • Contributing to the collection of information from Alliance Cities and Partners;
  • Working closely with any of the Alliance Partners in the host country.

The next phase of the Alliance is also packed with many exciting features that we wish to bring exclusively to our Alliance cities in close cooperation with our partners. Alliance cities will have access to a tried and tested total performance management system for urban mobility, develop joint projects and proposals and tailor made capacity building activities, to name a few.