City Tours

The city tours were organized by the City of Kaohsiung through local travel agencies. With four tours comprising of different routes to choose from, the half-day city tours took participants to the major tourist attractions around Kaohsiung, including Cijin Island, Tianliao Moon World, Dashu, Maolin and Meinong. 

Tour A: Kaohsiung coast tour (高雄海岸路線)

This half-day tour brings together all of the top attractions in Kaohsiung, including National Sun Yan-sen University, Cihou Lighthouse and Lotus Pond.

Tour B: Kaohsiung KRT & KLRT Spring Tour (高雄捷運輕軌溫泉線)

Stop by to see the resplendent Dome of Light by an Italian glass artist, Narcissus Quagliata, at the Formosa Boulevard MRT station and then head to Eslite to further experience Kaohsiung’s vibrant culture pulse. Tianliao Moon World is a stunning escape with expanses of volcanic sulphur from hot springs and the desolate beauty of desert.

Tour C: Dashu Foguangshan Tour (佛光山大樹祈福線)

Visitors can enjoy the area’s unique cultural refinement at the Foguangshan Buddha Memorial Centre. This world-tallest buddha statue is definitely worth a visit.

Tour D: Maoling, Meinong, Chishan Tour (茂林美濃旗山線)

The valleys and hills of the Maolin national Scenic Area interweave to form a unique terrain. This area is also a wintering site of the purple butterflies. One can experience the indigenous cuisine and specialty products at the Duona village and the traditional Hakka culture at the hillside of the Meinong District.