Technical Tour

Experiencing Kaohsiung’s Multi-modal Transport Network

The purpose of this technical tour was to learn more about the various transportation modes of Kaohsiung, and the ongoing efforts by the City to improve the transportation network.

This technical tour began at the Formosa Boulevard Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Station, also acclaimed as the world’s most beautiful transit station, with an introduction on the MRT system. Meeting point at the Dome of Light. The tour followed by an introduction of Kaohsiung’s light rail transit (LRT) which is also Asia’s first’s electric and overhead-wire-free system for the entire route.

In addition, this tour continued a visit to Kaohsiung Main Public Library, which integrated a subtropical garden landscape into its architecture on the top floor and has no columns inside the building. Finally, it followed by an exciting visual simulation with 5D effects. This simulation allowed participants to have a bird’s eye view of Kaohsiung.